flndrea de Rossi

Hi, I am Andrea De Rossi and I was born in Dolo, a town in the area of Venice, Italy.
I graduated from the agriculture high school and later I obtained a professional qualification.
After school study, I worked as a green areas maintainer, pruner and irrigation systems maker and designer.
I went on doing this job for several years until I felt I was no more motivated by it.
Therefore, I joined a group of friends and other people working in the agriculture sector, where we engaged in hops cultivation. However, after experiencing difficulties in carrying on the project, my friends and I decided to quit. From that moment on, I have been working in the catering sector.
After a trip on my own in Cambodia in 2016, I started to get interested in social themes and began to consider photography as a communicative way to convey them.
From then on, I firstly began a course as an autodidact based on the study and practice of photography, which I later completed attending following courses and workshops.
I use photography as a way of expression and of satisfying my inborn curiosity about the world and the unusual.
At the moment, I am deepening this activity with the aim and the hope of getting close to people, trying to fight against my psychological block as social anxiety.
From 2018 I work for “La Nuova Venezia”, a local newspaper as a photographer.

- Workshop of architecture, spaces and landscape photography, with Alessandra Bello and Andrea Rossato, May 2018;
- Collaboration with Erodoto108 online magazine, end of 2018;
- Collaboration with the local newspaper “La Nuova Venezia”, from 2018;
- Photography course with the anthropologist and photojournalist Riccardo Bononi, October/November 2018;
- Member of the staff at the "International Month of Photojournalism" in Padua, May 10th - 26th, 2019;
- Workshop of photojournalism with Francesco Cito, May 2019.




Venice, Italy