flndrea de Rossi

Andrea De Rossi graduated from the agriculture high school in 2009 and later he obtained a professional qualification in 2010.
He worked first as a green areas maintainer, pruner and irrigation systems maker, and designer.
He went on doing this job for several years until he felt no more motivated by it anymore.
Then he started up a farm based on hops cultivation that he left after 1 year, after that he worked as a bartender for 2 years.
After a trip on his own in Cambodia in 2016, he started to get interested in social, and environmental themes and began to consider photography as a communicative way to convey them.
From then on, he firstly began a course as an autodidact based on the study and practice of photography, which he later completed attending courses and workshops held by professional photographers that changed his perception of photography.
ln 2018/19 he worked as a photographer for “La Nuova Venezia”, a Venetian local newspaper.
He is currently based in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Background in photography
- Workshop of photojournalism with Francesco Cito, May 2019.
- Member of the staff at the "International Month of Photojournalism" in Padua, May 10th - 26th, 2019;
- Collaboration with the local newspaper “La Nuova Venezia”, 2018-2019;
- Workshop of general photography with the anthropologist and photojournalist Riccardo Bononi, October/November 2018;
- Collaboration with Erodoto108 online magazine, end of 2018;
- Workshop of architecture, spaces, and landscape photography, with Alessandra Bello and Andrea Rossato, May 2018




Based in Kilkenny, Ireland
From Venice, Italy