andrea de rossi

The view of a Venetian festival

How did the Venetians celebrate the "San Piero de Casteo" festival in 1700? Honestly, I don't have the slightest idea.
The festival on the small island has been taking place at least since the half of the 18th century, the period on which the painter Giovanni Antonio Canal, better known as Canaletto, represented its folklore. When Canaletto painted it, the scene was most likely depicted from the other side of the bridge, which connected the island with the land as nowadays. He painted the scene with some moored boats, many people engaged in chatting and a kind of a marquee-like structure in front of the Basilica, similar to the current ones (although smaller) where people usually can get typical food for the occasion. Was the celebration more formal than now? Were there stages or platforms for "concerts" or plays? Food and drinks were sold or provided to the participants? Just let your imagination flow about that.
Now, this is the current celebration version.

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