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Procession of the Madonna dei Cavai

The procession of the Madonna dei Cavai ("Virgin Mary of the horses" in local accent) is a religious parade that takes place in the little village of 'Gambarare di Mira', in the municipality of the city of Mira, located in the Venice area, Italy.
It occurs every year on 8th December, as the Catholic doctrine provides for the celebration of the immaculate conception of Vergin Mary on this date.
The peculiarity of this "version" is that the Vergin Mary is carried by a carriage, which is pulled by horses.
The procession begins from the church of Gambarare di Mira, goes to a near village through the main road and then comes back to the same church for the conclusion of the procession.

Commissioned by La Nuova Venezia (Local Newspaper)

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