flndrea de Rossi
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This is a typical French bull race, it is not the “Camargue race” but it is a part of it. While the main race takes place into an arena, this one occurs outside, on the streets delimited by railings (but it is possible to pass them through). This kind of race is called “Abrivado” and once was the way to bring the bulls, guided by “Gardiens” (men on horseback), from the herd to the arena. Fortunately, both races (the main one and Abrivado) don’t involve the death of the animals. Now, these practices have become only a show. The participants' (Attrapaïres) aim is to take out the bulls from the Gardiens' control, trying to hold on to the bulls or slow them down by grabbing their tails.
In the end, I wondered: this is not a pleasure for the bulls, is it?
The photos were taken during an Abrivado in Arles in France, September 2018.